New crackdown on insurance fraud

Insurance fraud is a new target for the Association of British Insurers, as a police specialty group has been set up to combat fraud and those who try to cheat insurance companies or individuals out of more money than they are entitled to.

The crime of insurance fraud is thought to cost the government up to two billion pounds each year, which is extremely costly considering these criminals, are helping themselves to large portions of the public’s money, or the money of individuals and other groups.

Police intelligence groups in London and the IFB or Insurance Fraud Bureau are working to get prevention strategies in place, as well as law enforcement tactics for when they are hot on the trail of a potential perpetrator of insurance fraud.

Law enforcement officials say this project has been a long time coming, since fraud has been rampant in the country at times, although much of the crimes may not be reported to the public, according to some on the inside of the police and other special intelligence organisations.

It is important for police to assure the public that they are safe from potential thieves, and they want to do all they can to stop criminals before they are even able to get started. Prevention is the best medicine, which is one aspect of the new venture.

Combined intelligence is an important aspect of these anti-criminal campaigns. Having a good team of IT people, those who understand communications, the monetary system, and perhaps even those who have dabbled in insurance fraud schemes themselves in their past can be invaluable in helping police solve these capers.

Even psychics have been used to give readings and predictions about criminals, with lots of success reported by police, in some cases. As always, if they are dedicated to fighting against these people, it is likely they will report success. How much remains to be seen.