New eBay scam hits those who sell electronic items

A new scam on eBay is hitting consumers that sell electronics on the popular auction site. The fraudsters have taken advantage of a fraudulent PayPal email and the Buy-It-Now feature on eBay. The fraudsters send out the fake email to sellers informing that they have been paid in full for the item in question so that sellers ship the item out promptly before they discover that they have not been paid at all.

Director of Marketing for Scambook, Kase Chong, stated that many times eBay is much safer to use than Craigslist for consumers that want to avoid scams since there are safeguards put into place by both PayPal and eBay. She added that the community in eBay also does a good job of weeding out scammers via the unique feedback system, but despite this fact many fraudsters still exploit loopholes to utilize tricks in order to take advantage of people.

Scammers seem to have no limit to what they do online or who they scam. A 15 year old teen decided to sell his laptop after he got an Apple iPad and listed it on eBay. He chose the Buy-It-Now feature and set the price tag at $500. The item sold right away and he received two emails quickly. The first told them that they would like the item overnight shipped for their son’s birthday and the second looked like a Paypal payment confirmation.

The teen’s mother rushed to ship the laptop but missed the overnight shipping deadline leading her to take a second look at the PayPal email in an attempt to contact the family only to find grammatical errors and spelling mistakes that clearly denoted it was a fraud. Buy-It-Now is a great way to for users to quickly sell an item on the auction website, but it is also a great way for scammers to gain access to seller’s email allowing for the fraud to work.