New pint glasses will help protect drinkers

Alan Johnson, the Home Secretary, unveiled new safer pint glasses at the Design Council today that were the chosen pick of a competition sponsored by the Home Office entitled ‘Design Out Crime.’  The use of the new safe glasses could help reduce the 87,000 injuries that occur each year in pubs and bars.

Two designs were chosen for use out of the entries: the Glass Plus which has a see through thin coating that holds the glass together if it is smashed, and the Twin Wall which has two extremely thin layers of glass that resemble a windshield that can automatically bind the glasses together if it is broken.

Outside of the injuries that occur because of violent incidents with the pint glass, the NHS spends about £2.7b a year treating those with injuries.

Johnson stated that glass can cause large and horrible injuries that leave a devastating mark on the victims and their families, which hopefully the new designs can help prevent.

He also stated that sometimes there are ways to tackle crime outside of police involvement and that design and innovation can play a large role in the process.

Director of 3D and Innovation at Design Bridge, David Helps, stated that the best part of the glasses is they closely resemble the regular pint glasses but are still much safer for use at the bar.