New survey reveals 40% of households getting slower broadband than promised

The Guardian recently conducted a survey of over three thousand broadband users and found that many of them are receiving broadband speeds which are over forty percent slower than what they are paying for. For the survey, the user conducted a speed test and supplied the name of their ISP, the speed that they were supposed to be receiving and the results of the test with the speed that they were actually getting.

According to the results so far, the survey shows that users are, on average, paying for 12 megabits per second but are actually only receiving 7Mbps. The survey also revealed that the weather is a factor in slower speeds and that there are a lot of black spots in city centres. A lot of the users had to move their businesses because of poor connections.

The survey showed that users of Sky and TalkTalk were the worst off with broadband speeds differing from those promised by as much as 60 percent. Sky customers were meant to be receiving speeds of 12Mbps but were only getting an astonishing 4.8Mbps. TalkTalk users were supposed to be getting 8Mbps but instead were only getting 5Mbps.