New Washing Machines: Five Things to Consider When Buying a New Washing Machine

Appliances for the home are an investment – you want a good service for as long as possible and you don’t want the price tag to break the bank. With ever-evolving technology, choosing between machines can become something of a chore. The key to finding one which is right for you involves whittling down the most important factors. Here, we focus on five things which are central to buying the right washing machine.

A Guarantee

If you are in the position of having to replace an old washing machine, you probably don’t need the importance of reliability explained to you. As well as searching for a machine which you can trust, it is essential that you find one which comes with a decent guarantee. In the event that something does go wrong, this will ensure that you don’t have to foot the bill. It is always worth paying here to extend the warranty as far as you can.


In today’s world, how green a washing machine is should be a big issue. This is not only due to the importance of cutting down on wasted energy for environmental reasons, but is also a matter of cost. Look for machines which can adapt to smaller loads to ensure that you use as little water as possible In the long run; this will go easy on your wallet and the environment. Thankfully, the efficiency rating should now be marked clearly on each machine.

Don’t Overbuy

The range of washing machines currently on the market is incredible. The number of functions and features is staggering. While some innovations work in your favour, it is easy to get sucked into unnecessary features. Determine what it is that you need and be sure not to pay for anything beyond this. However tempting this may be when you’re in store, you’re sure to regret spending the extra when you’ve had the machine for a few weeks.


The capacity of washing machines can vary a great deal and it’s not always obvious which one you should go for. Generally speaking, it is wise to go for the smallest which will accommodate your needs. Those who are catering for a bigger household may well need their machine to cope with a bigger load. Similarly, if certain items which you wash regularly are large, a bigger machine could help. However, always be aware that bigger items can be hand-washed. Sometimes, opting for a machine which is too big could cost you money on an ongoing basis.


When it comes to washing machines, it can be said that you get what you pay for. Needless to say, there will be a few brands that put a premium on their machines solely for the name, but generally speaking you probably can judge the quality of a machine by its manufacturer alone.

Think not only about reliability but the ease of replacing key parts should you run into problems down the line. This is where well-known brands can prove to be a better purchase than lesser known or own-brand items.

When choosing the brand of your washing machine, you should also consider whether you would be able to fix your washing machine issues by yourself. Some brands are notoriously challenging to repair and you should only trust a certified brand endorsed washing machine engineers.