Norton 360 Features

When the Norton 360 security system first hit the market, the concept was conceived that security for both the personal computer and its user was the foremost priority for Norton’s creators. Using a basic set of tools, it became apparent that real protection had very much become a reality for those who purchased this software, and many have actually wondered how they dared take the risk of accessing the internet without it.

The involvement of Microsoft in the development of Norton 360 had a great bearing on it, and was also a massive step in the right direction as far as security in the world of technology was concerned. It didn’t only give users the tools to obtain optimum security on their PC’s, but also gave the user the knowledge that they could access the web safely without the risk of their personal details being compromised.

There is no doubt that Norton 360 has further strengthened Symantec’s position as the market leader of online security. Until this product, the sector had been best described as ‘fragmented’, with other vendors basically sticking various components into packages as re-branding them as new. Norton 360 changed this for ever as it is fully functional straight from the box and requires little effort to get maximum protection.

Norton 360 features read like an A-Z of online security, so let look at some of the main ones. The big worry of PC users is picking up a virus, be it a work or a trojan or the more complex rootkit. Malware such as these can arrive in a PC through email attachments, hidden within a programme or being inadvertently downloaded by a web link. The arsenal of protection from Norton 360 renders these front line malware attacks useless.

Spyware is simply a malicious kind of software that sneaks a look at what a user is doing on his PC and then sends that data on without either the users knowledge or consent. This is one of the best known ways in which spammers and phishers harvest email addresses, when you input an email address into the ‘To’ box before you hit send, the spyware captures the info and passes it on, and the same happens when people send emails to you.

The more visible form of spyware is when it hijacks your browser and directs the user to pre-programmed websites rather than those the user wanted to visit. Another variant of spyware are pop-ups which advertise content the user has expressed no interest in. Norton 360 detects and then eliminates all of these threats with the same speed and efficiency that users have come to expect from this premium security system.

Norton 360 also protects its users from identity theft, currently the biggest cyber crime in the world. A big feature of Norton 360 is that it manages your usernames and passwords, thus eliminating the task of remembering numerous different ones. Without this kind of software it is virtually impossible to remember every single username and password, the result being that many have the same ones duplicated, which is simply asking for trouble.