Not one provider delivers advertised broadband speeds

It has become fairly obvious that broadband providers do not or cannot live up to their own advertising.  A recent report by the Office of Communications (Ofcom), which is the independent regulatory agency for British telecommunications, stated that not a single one of the U.K.’s providers actually delivered on the speeds they claimed.

Following that report the product director at, Michael Phillips, commented that since no one is able to deliver on speeds advertised as “up to” 20 Mb, they should stop misleading the consumer.  He suggested companies should stick with a “typical speed range” in their adverts, so at least their customers would have more realistic expectations. has just received recognition and approbation from Ofcom as the first site of its kind to be given the Ofcom seal of approval.  Mr. Phillips said that he is “delighted” with the recognition of his company’s dedication to giving consumers a site that is accurate and easy to use in making informed decisions about their options.