Nuclear safety from the European Commission

When it comes to nuclear safety, every one of us should be concerned, and it is good to know that improving safety is a top priority in Europe. The latest proposals from the European Commission have set out very high safety standards and is pushing for the application of these standards right across the continent.

Producing nuclear energy safely is vital for everyone who lives in Europe and these rigorous safety provisions will go towards ensuring that we will not suffer any nuclear disasters such as Fukushima and they will also be guarantees that should a nuclear emergency occur it will have the most efficient response possible.

An informative video has been released which is viewable online to emphasise both the measures that are being taken. It starts with numerous people pinning up photos of themselves and the narrative tells us that there are certain subjects which evoke strong opinions in all of us and nuclear safety is one of these topics. We are then told that it matters not only to those who live near nuclear plants but also those who live in different countries.

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The narrator then tells us that we must have strong rules and high standards in place and authorities who will enforce these rules to ensure the safety of us all. As the camera pans out from all the pictures hanging in a huge room we see they form a map of Europe. The message is clear and succinct; nuclear safety matters to us all and the European Commission are making sure that it stays that way.

There is a link at the end of the video which takes you to the European Commission Energy Site where full details can be found of everything that is being done to protect us from this valuable yet notoriously volatile energy source.