OFT still unhappy with used car dealers

According to the OFT (Office of Fair Trading) used car dealerships are still not properly serving their customers.  The OFT insists that more work needs to be done in order to ensure that the law is enforced properly as well as better informing customers and dealers of legislation.

The report also says that many second hand cars should not even be sold, but dealers are able to dodge their responsibilities that require a vehicle is checked before sold and that they must fix problems if a customer catches them.

The report looked at over 1,000 used car buyers by sending mystery shoppers to around 600 of the dealers and via a range of calls that were made to the Consumer Direct helpline.

In the end, the report found that around 30% of customers who told their dealers there were problems did not receive a resolution and on average spent about £425 on repairs.

A spokesman from OFT stated that dealers are not actually performing mechanical checks as required even though it is their responsibility which is causing customers that have purchased motor cars to face problems.

The survey also discovered that mileage tampering still occurs despite Government recommendations about the illegal activity in 1997.  This leads to a cost for buyers of about £580m every year.

In order to fight the mileage tampering the OFT has once again reiterated its recommendations that include banning electronic clocking devices from general sales and the use of a MoT test mileage data.