On the brink from ESF

It is no secret that the days of opportunity and prosperity have long since passed in Europe as now the focus of the news headlines seems to be a constant drizzle of information about the recession, the Eurozone crisis, and of course a potential banking collapse again.

All of this information combined is enough to make anyone feel as if they are drowning in the economic climate, especially if they do not have the proper training, skills, or education to secure a real job because unemployment is a real threat to many citizens of Europe right now and something that continues to increase.

The European Social Fund captures the emotion of those who have been reeling since the financial world fell apart in their new online video advert that portrays a business woman running against the clock through gray dark streets as buildings and the earth literally start to fall apart.  Recorded more like the ending to a disaster film than anything else, it is hard not to want to click at the end of the advert to see if it really will be the end for her or not, because by all appearances she has nowhere to go but down.

Thankfully, after clicking viewers get to see the difference that the ESF can make as the woman regains her balance and the world turns to a not so desolate shade of gray.  What is obvious to viewers is that the video is meant to show the change that the ESF can make in a person or organization’s life if they choose to get help fighting against the current economic environment.  Willing to pledge support and guidance, the ESF clearly outlines that with their help is it possible to stand tall again.