Online fraudster used ex-girlfriend's details on his crime spree

An online villain, otherwise known as a fraudster, has recently been apprehended by authorities for using stolen and fake IDs for financial transactions. To make matters worse, he used his ex-girlfriend’s details that paved his way to go on a shopping spree worth £17,000.

The name of this online villain is Barry Dockerty, whose ex-girlfriend was required to pay around £780 to ensure that the good credit left of her account shall be honoured. Barry was really conning each prospect he had, as he clearly got a loan in the name of his ex girlfriend without determination or even intention of repaying said amount.

Upon discovery, his ex-girlfriend called the police and they immediately searched the home of Dockerty, unfortunately, he was not there, but luck was likewise on their side as the investigators and authorities have found evidences that point to the guilt of Barry.

Barry had a list of bills because when his lines are cut due to failure to pay, he would apply for another and use a different name but under one roof, and this is how he got ahead. From a legal standpoint, this can be viewed as an abuse in confidence, as Barry meticulously planned how he should do things from the moment he lets her girl go and in case Barry will be convicted, he’ll be facing at least a year in the slum.

The legal counsel that represents the driver said that there are some factors that can conclude that Barry was not the only one under the entire plot, furthermore, said legal counsel contends that a year is too much for his client. He even pleaded that the pending cases be taken into consideration prior to rendering judgement, but in all fairness, he is lucky to have the law on his side on his previous dollars.