Online sales of diet drugs are sometimes very dubious

MarkMonitor®, a global leader in brand protection, has today revealed the alarming amount of illicit websites which are selling diet pills without prescription. They are warning potential consumers of the risks involved in buying medication that have not been prescribed to you.

They have investigated 358 ecommerce sites which get over 67m hits a year and either sell directly, or redirect customers to other sites that will ship diet pills into the UK. Their results show that 93% of these websites are selling and then shipping without prescriptions. Only 22% of these require the buyer to take part in an ‘online consultation’, which doesn’t give a true picture and doesn’t give the information that is needed.

The extent of the problem was revealed in the MarkMonitor findings with just two of the 358 sites analysed being authorised retailers to sell diet pills with a prescription to UK consumers.

“Selling drugs without valid prescriptions is a lucrative business and we are seeing more and more of these suspicious practices online. The statistics speak for themselves – an increasing number of unregulated websites are supplying quantities of slimming pills to unsuspecting consumers,” says Charlie Abrahams at MarkMonitor. “With obesity now affecting one in four adults in the UK, more people are looking for ways to quickly and easily lose weight and turn to the internet for the solution. This captive audience provides big business for internet fraudsters.”

“It is so important that brands take responsibility and effectively monitor their online sales channels to help ensure that any non-authentic sites are closed down as soon as possible. I cannot stress how business critical brand protection is, particularly within this market where people’s lives could be at risk.”