Orange adopt Quick Tap payment system

Orange has announced that the contact less payment system known as Quick Tap will be available to Android phones and all credit and debit card accounts. The required ‘near-field communications’ technology is only included in the very latest models. Which Android handsets will be compatible is yet to be announced.

The ‘Quick Tap’ system allows the user to purchase items up to the value of £15 by passing their phone over the reader. The same system can be used for contact less credit cards. Over 15 million contact less cards are used in this country and the purchase amount will rise to £20 in June.

There are currently 70,000 outlets accepting the technology, including McDonalds, Prêt a Manger and Subway, however data about their use is not available. The number of places accepting this payment method is set to rise and by 2013 there will be approximately 130,000 places contactless technology, including Boots, Co-Op, Tesco and Waitrose.

Barclays’ PingIt uses a similar application, which links a consumer’s bank account direct to the handset. Orange’s system links a consumer’s Quick Tap account to their handset. The handset can store up to £150, but can only be loaded with £100 in a single transaction. Researchers, last month, raised security concerns about the technology, however Barclaycard stress that their fraud protection guarantee covers all transactions.

Credit and debit card holders from all banks are now able to use Quick Tap through a new system called ‘Open Load’. Orange said that the Quick Tap handsets will be available from next week. Claims, made by YouGov research, say that 42% of people who have a smartphone will use the system.