Orange Wednesdays, Orange Thursdays and more ways film fans can cut costs

If, like us, you love your movies, you’ll know that it can be an expensive hobby to have. Once you’ve paid for tickets, popcorn, drinks and car parking, you may not have much left over – especially if you have a family pay for too.

At Orange, we think there are some great ways to cut the costs of being a movie buff. And who knows, if you can shave enough savings off your obsession along the way, you might be able to use the money to get a good deal on an iPhone 4 – so you can take in more flicks on the go!

With that in mind, we’ve come up with four things you can do to feed your love of all things cinema without damaging your wallet too much:

Switch to Orange

Orange is definitely the network for film lovers. Not only do we offer our customers the incredibly popular 2-4-1 tickets deal on Orange Wednesdays, we also have a new service called Orange Thursdays that gives you a free iTunes film from Orange once a week. We’ve offered some great movies so far and will continue to do so, so why not make sure you aren’t missing out.

Take advantage of what your local cinema is doing

Most local cinemas will have an email newsletter and signing up to these is the best way to take advantage of any special deals or free screenings they might have. If you happen to live near a

Cineworld, there’s always the option to become an Unlimited Card holder. For £14.99 per month (£17.99 for central London) this membership card lets you see as many films as you like – with extra costs only being applied for 3D showings.

Sign up for free screenings in your area

There are a few different sites out there like See Films First that allow you to subscribe using your email address. Once you have signed up, they will let you know if any free screenings or movie previews come up in your area. They are a bit sporadic, so a long time may go by when you don’t hear from them, but it’s worth it for when they do!

If you don’t want 3D, stick with 2D!

Hollywood has been keen to push 3D out to the mainstream as much as possible over the last few years and with films like Avatar, it’s fair to say it has been a huge success. However, paying extra for 3D tickets and glasses can end up being a bit pricey – especially when it’s a family trip to the cinemas. But the answer is simple, if you think there is nothing to be lost in seeing a film in good old fashioned 2D, stick with it!

This has been written on behalf of Orange