Over 50s – don’t leave home without Travel insurance

Nobody should take a trip anywhere without travel insurance, whether they are holidaying at home or abroad. Nobody knows what will happen while they are away, especially in a foreign land, and it really isn’t worth running the risk for the small premium you pay. Travel insurance covers such incidences as lost luggage, lost money and cards, airlines or travel companies going bust etc, but the main one is the cost of medical treatment should the worst happen and you fall ill or have an accident.

The E111 medical card is not a replacement for travel insurance; all it does is get you the equivalent of NHS care in the country you are in. This is all well and good should you have a simple slip of fall that needs basic medical attention, but should you become seriously ill and need an operation, for example, then the hospital bills start to rack up at an alarming rate, and without adequate travel insurance you will end up liable for these costs.

Whatever your age the moral of this tale is simple; don’t leave home without travel insurance, and if you are over 50 you shouldn’t consider it even for a second. Now this isn’t a dig at older travellers in any shape or form, far from it, this is merely common sense. It has been statistically proven that the two age groups who are most likely to seek medical abroad are the under 25s and the over 50s.

The younger age group are, unsurprisingly, mostly treated for injuries they have suffered due to horseplay after a few too many, whereas the older traveller are most likely to be treated for falls or a flare up of a pre-existing medical condition. Whilst all travel insurers offer plans for the over 50s, it is well worth going with a company who specialise in this kind of insurance as the benefits you receive are so much better than you would get from a generic insurance provider.

Companies such as StaySure cover up to 220 pre-existing medical conditions completely free of charge, so you are not penalised for your ailments by having your premiums raised, you are being protected should you seek medical assistance for them whilst on holiday. If you have an illness or condition not included in the 220, such as cancer, epilepsy and heart conditions, you can still travel by doing an online or over the phone medical screening and paying a small extra charge.

Travelling with a pre-existing medical condition has been a worry for many for far too long, and thousands haven’t declared their conditions due to the massive cost incurred on their policy, so have simply taken out ordinary insurance and kept their fingers crossed. This in turn can have a detrimental effect on that much longed for holiday however as you are constantly on edge, a specialist over 50s plan from StaySure eliminates this and you can relax, safe in the knowledge that every eventuality is covered.

With both single stay and annual polices available, you also have a choice of level of cover; basic and comprehensive. Thanks to the user friendly website your cover can be in place in minutes, then all you have to do is sit back and look forward to your holiday.