Over zealous prosecutors in EBay fraud debacle

A Carlisle judge is asking for a formal investigation to see how an innocent woman was placed in front of the court on a fraud charge even though the prosecution had clear evidence that the woman was not guilty.

Louise Gabrys, age 30, showed up in court for her trial at which point the Crown Court lawyers realized that in the documents was proof that she was not guilty of the charges.

Gabrys was a former resident of Carlisle and currently resides in Middlesex.  She appeared in court on charges of failing to send items listed for sale on eBay that were paid for.  She stated all items were posted and it was not in her control that they did not arrive.

Within the evidence held by the prosecutors were four parcel receipts that proved she did in fact place them into the post at the Carlisle post office.  One customer even marked on the eBay website that she was both a fast shipper and great seller.

Antony Longworth, the prosecuting counsel, stated that the case was the result of the fact that many items had been listed as missing on the website and that she must not have sent them properly.

However, given the fact that she has evidence that at least four of the items had been posted it was assumed that she also posted the other packages that were listed as missing.  Instead, the prosecutor offered no evidence that she was guilty and she was formally released with a not guilty verdict.