Overhaul of Scottish consumer laws

A new blueprint published this week by the Consumer Focus Scotland is aimed at creating a new civil justice system that is a good fit for the 21st century calls for the system to undergo an overhaul so that consumers are in the favour of the court instead of the legal profession.

The campaign group for consumers stated that the civil justice system which often is responsible for taking care of issues like housing problems, divorce, and debt recovery is said to need to be more affordable, accessible, and user friendly.

The organization said that the current civil justice system focuses too much on the needs of advocates, the judges, and the needs of solicitors instead of the people who are forced to use the system.

Proposals outlined in the Making Civil Justice for Consumers report outline the need to educate the public on the legal system and better publicizing ways that consumers can resolve their disputes without the need to head to court.

The report also calls for a ‘user friendly’ method to help resolve disputes and says services that offer advice to the public need to make their approach more noticed and welcoming.

Head of policy for Consumer Focus Scotland, solicitor Sarah O’Neill, stated that the report outlines a four step approach that will help reform the civil justice system so that consumers have a more accurate experience of justice.

Neill added, that most people will need to utilize the civil justice system at some point but for most the interaction will be unwelcome and stressful due to the nature of the civil justice and the high stress issues that are most often taken care of at civil court.