Pay for taxi fare via a text message

Vodafone customers can now pay for taxi fare via a text message as part of a taxi advertising campaign. They can even charge up their phones as well if they are passengers in a Vodafone-themed taxi because the taxis will have chargers that support phones of all the major manufacturers. The fleet of Vodafone taxis will number 500 and the chargers are being installed now with the cars set to role out for service this summer.

All Vodafone users must first register ahead of time for the text for taxi payment system. After calling 0845 680 3409 you then text the word “taxi” followed by the number of the taxi and the amount owed to 31255. Guy Laurence, Chief Executive of Vodafone UK said the company is committed to offering the people of London the best network available.

There have already been many changes made to improve capacity, reliability and increased coverage in order to make sure that Londoners will also be able to contact both family and friends. The thought is that Vodafone may be testing the grounds to see if there is any demand for the Near Field Communications where the users can swish their phone and pay for goods and services.