PayPal set to revamp their system

Over the years, PayPal has gathered a reputation for frustrating customers based on their overzealous filters, all in the name of fighting fraud and criminal activities. The verification processes often leave users with a sense that they are being subjected to ridiculous procedures in order to conduct business, and sometimes sees people separated from their cash for many months.

The problem is that PayPal has a lot of policies in place to track fraud, but these also inconvenience legitimate transactions, which leads to a ton of paperwork being required. Now, however, it seems like the company may be changing some of its policies as it says PayPal is about to roll out a large overhaul to its system within the next few months.

According to Anuj Nayar, the company’s director of communications, these are not simple changes, they are major changes that will see a fundamental shift in how they operate. While he refuses to go into details and very little specifics are known yet, Nayar claims that one of the goals is to be more transparent about transactions, fees and potential hiccups.

PayPal wants to be more clear to people on how they can get a problem corrected, and why actions are being taken against their accounts. The company often freezes funds in accounts it suspect may be involved in unusual activities, and users are required to submit paperwork such as identification and receipts.

This occurs particularly often when dealing with pre-orders, ticket sales or conferences. The appeal can then take months to process, which leads to frustrated customers. These big changes are being discussed with the media now after author Jay Lake found his account to be frozen just last month. Jay is fighting an advanced type of cancer and is trying to raise money for an experimental genome process.