People still unaware of the many benefits of a smart meter

Interestingly, government research was recently revealed that many people like the idea of having a smart meter, but as a general rule, they’re not actually aware of what they are. Because of this lack of awareness that has been displayed, one of the leading smart meter makers in the country, Itron, has suggested that an education campaign be launched to inform people about its work.

The director of energy for the company is Nigel Hughes, and he has recently commented, “It does seem as if there is a lot of work needs to be done. What we can see from the deployment of smart meters in the UK, and the world at large, is that for their effective deployment to take place, the consumer really needs to be engaged, and informed about how they work.”

Sentec is another maker of smart meters, and the head of the company is Dr Mark England and he is recently echoed the sentiments of Mr Hughes, stating, “There was a backlash and the US market against the devices and this was largely because consumers were not really aware of what they were for. The UK needs to learn from this lesson, and create an educational program so people understand smart meters, so they can be incremented successfully in this country.”

Mr Hughes has further stated, “It is important that people are educated about the meters, and this is something that both companies, and the government need to do. We think that this education is a burden that should be shared, and overall we would like to see many more people informed about the smart meters in the near future, so they will understand their benefits.”