Plymouth Trading Standards warn consumers of energy saving scam

Trading Standards officers are warning people about a bogus energy-saving device that could, potentially, cost them a lot of money. The officers, from Plymouth County Council, are particularly concerned about elderly people being taken in by the scam and are urging them to be wary.

The scam was brought to their attention by a woman who contacted Trading Standards to say that she had been conned. She told officers that she had been pressurised into buying the device after being kept on the phone for more than an hour. She had actually hung up at one point but the salesperson called her back.

The device was sent from an address in New York and cost £99. The con merchants claim that they work for a person’s energy supplier and that the plug-in device will save people 40 percent on their energy bills. The device has been tested and, not only does it not save energy, but it also failed electrical safety tests.

Trading Standards are currently dealing with over two hundred complaints about these calls. If anyone has been caught by the scam they should report it to ActionFraud and also inform their bank or credit card company so that they can, hopefully, stop the payment.