Police civilian workers charged with fraud after eBay crimes

Two civilian workers from the Merseyside Police have admitted to fraud charges after it was discovered that they were using a franking machine that belonged to the police in order to post their eBay business packages.

Barry Shiels aged 42 sold eBay items under the name Blue Baz and was caught when colleagues noticed that some of his stock photos were taken from inside of the police headquarters. In addition, Shiels who worked at Brunswick Dock as an exchequer also stated that he stole about 35 print cartridges from the police and was able to sell them for a total of about £1000.

He worked with Andrew Glover aged 45 who was employed at the headquarters post room. Glover was actually the one who did the franking which over time was estimated to add up to £7,500 worth of postage on over 3,600 items. His only payment from Shiels for his help was two bottles of brandy. Since being discovered both men have been fired.

Judge Stephen Clarke stated that both men have worked for the Merseyside Police for over twenty years and when they choose to defraud the system they choose to throw away their lives and their careers.

For his part in the scheme Shiels from Walton received a 12 week prison sentence that was suspended by the judge in exchange for a year’s supervision. In addition, he also has to pay £2,500 in compensation back to the police department. Glover of Kirby was also found guilty and for his role was told that he must do 120 hours of work without payment under discretion of the police postage department.