Possible Hampshire ATM scammers questioned by police

On the suspicion of being involved with a cashpoint scam that has spread all over Hampshire, two men are being quizzed today by detectives. Just after 9:00am police swooped close to Southampton’s High Street after two men were reported to be acting strangely when a member of the public called. A new trap, reported by the Daily Echo, revealed how money is being stolen across the country from those that use hole in the wall machines.

There have been thousands of pounds stolen from about 25 people that have fallen for the culprits to date. The thieves, using a plastic device covered in glue covering where the money is supposed to come out steal the money.

After someone tries to receive money from the machine, the money does not come out and they believe the machine is broken, but in fact the machine is fine since the glue sticks to the bills and they are not released. Once the person leaves, the culprits arrive, take of the plastic piece and take the cash. The men that are being questioned are from Southampton and Essex and both are in their 30s and remain in custody.