Postgoldforcash uncovers some strange reasons for selling gold!

An Advertorial Feature

Gold is a rare, exquisitely beautiful metal found only in a few parts of the world. Its prestige and majesty has been lauded for thousands of years. Gold has long been a symbol of divinity and power as well as beauty.

People buy and sell gold for many reasons. At the moment, gold prices are at a massive high and set to rise even further over the next couple of years. This has inspired thousands of people in the UK to have a treasure hunt through their old things to see what they can send in to gold buyers.

We at have uncovered some very unconventional reasons for selling gold and thought we would share some of them with you. We have heard some hugely uplifting stories, some sad stories and some really funny ones as well.

Here are some reasons some of our customers have sold gold to us:

One lady sold her gold to get medical treatment for a horse she looked after. The owner had thought it was more financially sound to get the horse put to sleep. Our offer saved the horse’s life.
A hospital wanted to raise money for one of their wards so had a search to see what they could send in to us to get cash for gold. Interestingly, they decided to go with sending us in lots of silver catheters. Our payment helped the ward considerably.
One lady sent in her engagement ring to us, this seems strange when you consider that most people get married and wear their wedding ring with their engagement ring on the same finger. Well, it seemed strange until she told us that she was selling her ring to raise the money to pay for her divorce! It’s never a dull day here at towers!
One story that really touched us involved a lady who had just gone into remission with a brain tumour. She was so pleased with the help that a brain tumour charity had given her, that she sent in her gold to raise some money for them as a thank you.

We love hearing from our customers, especially when they share great stories with us!

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