Powerball said to aid 'pint pullers elbow'

A recent survey was held amongst 5000 pubs in the UK and it discovered that 75% of landlords and 60% of their regulars were suffering from tennis elbow, or to give it its new name, pint puller’s elbow.

This is a repetitive strain injury that is caused by the strenuous overuse of both the tendons and muscles that are in the forearm near to the elbow joint.

This results is soreness and tenderness in the outer elbow, making it increasingly difficult to use. The survey also discovered that this problem is costing the brewery industry over £1m a year due to people having to both pull and drink slower.

One pub in Austrey, Tamworth has come up with a solution that’s proven so effective the brewery chain it belongs to is now adopting it across all its pubs. Landlord of the Bird In Hand, Gareth Griffith’s, takes up the story:

“Some of the lads play a game with a gadget called a Powerball to decide who’ll buy the next round. After being off work with Pint Puller’s Elbow, I needed something to improve my strength.

I found myself playing with the Powerball and soon discovered it was helping to ease the pain and increasing my range of motion. Several of my regulars were also suffering from Pint Puller’s Elbow and found the Powerball worked for them too”.

Powerball is primarily used by fitness enthusiasts to develop strength in their hands, wrists and forearms. It can create a force equatable to the power generated by a Formula 1 engine thanks to its clever use of gyro-technology.

The pub chain are now issuing Powerballs to all their landlords with a mandate to use it for at least five minutes a day. They also suggest staff encourage regulars who spend more three hours a week drinking pints at the bar to use a Powerball for a pre-drinking work-out every visit.