Preparing for a Dinner Party

An Advertorial Feature

Hosting a dinner party can be stressful, and the key is often to prepare beforehand to take some of the pressure off. Take a look at our online recipes, and these tips to get the preparation right so the evening runs smoothly.

Choosing the Right Courses

Unless you have a specific starter in mind, do not feel like you have to provide a starter, it can often be more work and getting the right starter to go with the main course can be tricky.

If you do want to cook a starter, try and make it compliment the main course. You do not want a heavy starter followed by a heavy main course, such as risotto followed by a roast dinner. On the other hand however you want to ensure your guests are satisfied after the two meals and are not still hungry.

Keep it Simple

Unless you have hosted many dinner parties and are confident with your cooking skills, keep the courses simple.

Cook dishes you have cooked before, either online recipes or ones you have created yourself, this is important so you know how the food turns out.

Themed Dinner Parties

You may want to create a theme for you dinner party, whether that is in the decoration or the type of food you produce. You could try Caribbean recipes or vegetarian recipes and impress all your friends with your broad repertoire of cooking skills.

A good tip for whatever meal you serve is to have both white and red wine available for guests and some interesting soft drinks for the non-drinkers in the group. Some fresh, crusty bread could also be kept on the table, along with some butter, or olives and nuts, to keep guests happy while you are cooking.


Whether you are making a chocolate dessert, a creamy cheesecake, or an ice-cream and fruit delight, you can find some good online recipes which can be made in advance of the evening, and kept in the fridge until you are ready to serve them.

This will take the pressure off you having to cook a third course after slaving away over the stove for the other two courses. It also means you can enjoy the evening and even get some teas and coffees ready to accompany the pudding.