Prepay or Billpay Mobile Phones?

If you’re thinking about getting a new mobile phone but don’t know whether you should go on prepay or billpay then keep reading to find out what are the advantages of each choice. It’s never an easy decision to make, especially when you don’t know if you should sign up to a contract that can last up to a few years! Like anything else in life, there are advantages and disadvantages of both prepay and billpay. We will go through the advantages of both of them which should hopefully make you’re decision a little bit easier.
Billpay Advantages:
A lot of people end up on billpay because of the deal on a specific phone that was offered to them. For example, you could get a very expensive phone for very little if you are on an expensive type of billpay plan. This can be really tempting, but it’s vital that you only go to billpay if you actually wanted that phone in the first place and it’ll save you money over the period of time that you’re going to be stuck in a contract for.

With more and more people using their mobile phones to go online, data is a big issue when you’re deciding if prepay or billpay is best for your particular needs. Most of the time, you’ll get the best data offers with billpay plans so if you think that you’ll be using a lot of data each money it’s recommended that you take a look at billpay plans. Choose a plan that has enough data for you since if you go over the limit on your data you could be left with a big enough bill to pay off. If you watch a lot of videos or download apps and games it might be a good idea if you get lots of data since these are the things that eat up most of your bandwidth.

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Prepay Advantages:
Most people go on prepay so that they have more freedom. A lot of people don’t like knowing that they are stuck on a long contract paying anything from £20+ or whatever a month. After all, who knows what you’re situation will be like in a couple of years, especially with the way that the economy is nowadays. This is the main reason why people rather go on prepay instead of billpay. With prepay, you have that bit of freedom so that you can top up by £20 one month and then not top up at all the following month. If you go on billpay, sadly you won’t have any choice in the situation.

Another positive of going on prepay is that you can get some really good deals that could save you more money than what you’d be saving if you were to switch to billpay. For example, most mobile phone networks do offers that give you free texts to any network if you top up by a certain amount. If you mainly use your phone for texting, prepay deals like this might suit you a lot better than what any billpay offer can give you.