Probation for woman who sold stolen jewellery on eBay

Three years probation was meted out on a Dummerston woman who was found guilty of committing fraud after she sold on eBay the jewellery she stole from her employers. US Attorney Doherty said Andrea Carrasquillo will be confined in her home for four months followed by another four mouths of curfew.

She was also ordered to pay $19,566 to her victims. Carrasquillo, a court record revealed, worked in Sajen Jewelry from August 1999 to March 2010, but was laid off. Sajen rehired her in November 2010, and from that time on she started stealing jewellery from her employers and selling them on eBay.

According to a statement released by the U.S. attorney’s office, the items were tagged new and some regular online customers of Sajen informed the company of the scheme. All in all Carrasquillo was able to sell some 337 pieces of jewellery taken from Sajen and earned for herself $17,198. Officers from the Sheriff’s office of Windham County searched her home and found around 900 pieces of stolen Sajen jewellery and proof of ongoing eBay business.

The U.S attorney said that Andrea Carrasquillo could have faced up to 20 years imprisonment, but federal sentencing guidelines states that because she did not have criminal history, her family commitments and acceptance of guilt, she was qualified for probation. US District Judge Sessions noted that similar offenders are usually meted out sentences ranging 8 to 14 months in jail.

According to Doherty during the sentencing Carrasquillo said her financial and family and financial problems forced to steal and commit the online fraud. Sessions ordered Carrasquillo to pay higher amount to her employers for the pieces stolen and sold on ebay because the prices of the materials particularly silver have increased. Brattleboro law firm lawyer James Valente who represented Carrasquillo was not available for comment.