Public liability cover for gym owners

As a general rule of thumb if you have a business that includes contact with the general public, whether it is in the street, at your business premises or in their homes, you should take out public liability insurance as a matter of course. The fact that it is still optional and hasn’t yet been made compulsory is, to be honest, absolute madness when you consider the worst possible scenarios and the possible results.

Public liability cover is exactly what the name suggests; should any harm come to the public that you are responsible for, and therefore liable, for then you will be the one upon which a potentially huge compensation claim will be launched against. Obviously, the risks will be a lot higher for some companies than others, and there are some in particular that really should never open their doors to trade without having public liability cover.

These include the sort of businesses that not only have people coming to their premises but also involve machinery, as the two together could be the ultimate recipe for disaster should something go amiss. One of the best examples of this is a gym, which if not kept up to an exemplary standard could be an accident just waiting to happen. Further details of why everyone should have public liability cover can be found at

Think about the equipment and other paraphernalia that you have in a gym, and then consider how many of these can go wrong unexpectedly, causing injury to the user. You will, of course, take the best care possible of your machinery and make sure they are in tip top condition, but expecting the unexpected and being prepared is the key factor in having public liability insurance.

A top gym needs top staff, and many claims have been made against staff who they claim didn’t show them how to use the equipment correctly and they have thus suffered personal injuries. This is somewhat of a grey area and many gyms assume people know what they are doing, while many of these claims fail, a lot don’t, and once again having public liability insurance will protect you against them.

It is not only the gym equipment itself that needs to be kept in tip top condition, any area that is accessed by the public should be treated with respect, such as showers, toilets, changing areas etc.

A wet floor without a sign can cause a serious injury is the customer slips and falls, and all incidents of this type are covered under the public liability cover, giving you the luxury of the knowledge that should the worst happen, you are protected, even though you will do your best to make sure it doesn’t occur.

As if there wasn’t enough good reasons here already to make an unprotected gym owner rush out and get public liability insurance, then you have to also consider the legal costs involved if such a claim was made against you, and with solicitors having a veritable licence to print money, this could literally be the straw that broke the camel’s back and result in the closure of your business.