Public simply not interested in electric vehicles

There has been a lot of debate and discussion about the promotion and creation of new low carbon vehicles. Within the UK there has been a lot of focus on hybrid vehicles that run on electricity and run on petrol. Full electric vehicles often work off of plug-in charging at public posts or at home and generally can last for a few hours.

There have been many programmes and policies instituted in order to promote the purchase of the vehicles by rewarding people for buying electric vehicles. The Government has also helped by debuting initiatives and also by investing in electric vehicle infrastructure.

Attempts to heighten the consumer demand for the vehicles include the Plug-In Car Grant which offers as much as a 24% discount on the car up to a total of £5,000 off of the cost of the car. In addition, the grant will exempt people from company car tax, VED, and in London it is also exempt them from congestion charges. Even though the collection of all of these perks may sound great, the actual effect of the collective incentives has not been as high as it would thought it would be.

Instead, consumers are largely waiting to see what is going to happen waiting for the market to come around a bit before they decide whether to invest in it or not. Price is one of the top obstacles as many people are concerned about the high cost of a vehicle that still has a limited battery life and a limited infrastructure to support its use. Lack of choice is another great obstacle as many people simply do not like the models that are available right now and are waiting for more car manufacturers to create electric models for them to consider.