Rekorderlig Swedish cider

If you thought that everything that could be done with apples has been done, as far as drinks are concerned, then you would be wrong. Step forward Rekorderlig Swedish cider, brewed in Scandinavia since 1999 using only the purest mineral water from Vimmerby, and still overseen by chief brewer Åbro Bryggeri.  Rekorderlig is now stocked in many UK shops and restaurants, and is continuing to conquer new countries all the time.

Rekorderlig is fiercely proud of its Swedish heritage, and refuses to compromise its beliefs, making a unique drink in the cider market. Their latest campaign to get the word out and emphasise the ‘Swedishness’ of it all is accompanied by a hilarious video that is full of the kind of oddball humour we have come to associate with Scandinavia, and it certainly gets the message across.

We are taken into the Rekorderlig Swedish school, where adults go to learn how to be Swedish. The founder tells us how the inspiration hit him one day when working in the words, and a teacher and several pupils are shown in the classroom. The key is not to be able to speak Swedish, but to feel Swedish, and out of the classroom Rekorderlig cider is a key part of this as the students relax at the end of the day with a glass or two.

Now we can all be part Swedish, but all we have to do is go to a supermarket or bar and have a cold glass of Rekorderlig and feel the Swedishness wash over us. Cider is renowned for being one of the most refreshing drinks you can get, and sitting back with a glass of Rekorderlig transports you to the cool Scandinavian forests where the apples grow that make this very Swedish drink that we simply can’t get enough of.