Remember Me – How to Give Memorable Swag at a Trade Show

Trade shows are a part of pretty much every industry under the sun. They are where people go to talk to their peers, share ideas, do some networking and maybe get a couple new clients while you’re at it. Giveaways, or swag, as some people call it, are a great way for people to remember your brand and presence at the show. However, the question is always the same. What should I give away in order to make people remember my brand and my business? It’s not easy, but we’re here to help.

Keep It Small

Most of the time, trade shows involve a lot of walking and running around, either around the show floor or from conference to conference, mobility is important. That’s the main reason why you should try to give something small, that someone can easily carry in their bag. Also, you need to consider that people are flying in from all over the country, sometimes the world, for a very particular show, so they might not have much space for that complicated desk toy you’re giving around. Large items tend to be declined or left at hotel rooms, so it’s best to keep your giveaways small and friendly.

Keep It Useful

When was the last time you used a paperweight? A lot of companies tend to give away items that might seem cool but have no real use whatsoever. Paperweights are a thing of the past, and as cloud storage becomes more prevalent, even USB drives can seem a bit anachronistic. A stress toy, a water bottle, maybe even a small flashlight or a notebook. If you’re client can use it they’re more likely to keep it. For a little extra boost, consider the circumstances around the event. If it’s raining, an umbrella can be a great idea, and if there’s no place to eat at the convention centre, a reusable container with a little snack can make you the talk of the event.

Keep It Original

A pen is small and useful, however it’s a bad idea for a giveaway since it’s incredibly cliché and easily forgettable. Think about how many pens you’ve misplaced over the years? If you’re giving away a stress toy, try to avoid the traditional ball shape and go for something more eye-catching that matches your business. People at trade shows have seen a lot of swag in their time, so it’s important to make something that stands out from the crowd. Plus, giving away something that’s different and original, makes your brand look creative and innovative, which is also a great plus.

Good event swag can make a simple industry event turn into a memorable experience. If people see someone carrying something distinctive on the show floor, they will ask “Where did you get that?” and this is going to result in more people visiting your stand. With this you may even attract people that wouldn’t have even considered your company before.

So, take a look at your brand and of all the promotional items out there. Maybe there’s a stress toy that works perfectly, or a keychain that you think will make you stand out. What it is, make it something that people will remember long after the event is over.