Save money with a Sim Card Only Contract

If you have a mobile phone which you really like, why would you want to get rid of it and replace it with another one that you might or might not like when if you just kept the one you like, you could get a sim only contract deal that would save you money? This is the question that many people are now asking, and the answer, is Sim only contracts.

Sim card only deals have been around for a while now, but a lot of people are missing out because they don’t realise just how good they are. When you arrange a regular contract these days, it’s become accepted that you’ll get a new phone as part of the deal, but, if you opt not to have a new phone, you can get a lot more minutes and texts for free.

Virgin for example, offer a number of different contracts, some of which you get a phone with, and one – their sim only deal – where you don’t. Here are a few of their deals just to give you an example:

Sim Card Only Deal 1 – £12 per month
24 month contract
Free Blackberry 8520 Mobile phone
50 free standard minutes per month
Unlimited internet access

Sim Card Only Deal 2 – £12 per month
12 month contract
NO Phone
400 free standard minutes per month
Unlimited free texts per month

Sim Card Only Deal 3 – £20 per month
24 month contract
Free Samsung Tocco Ultra
400 free standard minutes per month
Unlimited free texts per month

As you can see from this, by opting for deal 2, where you don’t get a ‘free’ phone, you get a lot more free texts and minutes than you would on deal 1 where you’d pay the same amount – as many in fact, as you’d get if you opted for deal 3 which costs a full £8 per month more, and on both options 1 and 3 you’re tied into the contract for a full two years as well, where as deal 2 is just one year.

The same applies with other mobile phone providers as well, from 02 to Vodaphone and the rest. They will all offer you a better deal if you don’t want a mobile phone free as part of the deal.

If you don’t want to lock yourself in for even 12 months, there is also now a whole range of sim only options which are on what is called a rolling contract. Basically what this means, is that you need to give 30 days notice to end the deal, but there are no penalties other than this, and you can give this notice at any time. These deals will normally offer you more than you get with a standard contract with phone, but less than you get if you go for a sim only contract. In the case of Virgin Mobile, the comparable deal is:

Deal 4 – £12 per month
NO contract – just give 20 days notice to quit
NO phone
300 free standard minutes per month
Unlimited free texts per month

As you can see from this, you get 100 less free minutes per month, but you’re not tied to the company, so if you find a better deal, you can change to it a month later.