Saving money on student travel

Whether you are a student looking for a way home during holiday breaks from uni, or a student that is taking off on a holiday, there are many discounts offered to students who know how to look for them.  For instance, many airlines offer charters and flights around the holiday season that are discounted for students who book ahead and take advantage of the group deals before the flights become completely booked up and the prices jump up exponentially.

Flying is only one option however as there are many other great deals out there for students. Rail travel is a favourite among students, especially those who want to see a great deal of Europe as they embark on their college travel, that they will not be able to complete later in life.

In fact, the term college travel was coined due to the fact that most students will do the brunt of their life’s travel during these years as they fly back and forth from uni to home, uni to their holidays, and spend their summers seeing the country in a new light on their own or with college buddies.

If you are touring the continent you may want to look into a EuroRail pass given the fact that this will allow you to travel anywhere in Europe for one low upfront price.  This way you can easily see everything there is to see without worrying that you will ever be stranded anywhere and is a great way to take care of the costs of traveling up front before every leaving home.

Most EuroRail passes are discounted for students and available in different time increments making them practical for regular trips back home from uni as well. Regular coach or bus trips are also an option for those that live a reasonable distance away from home but are not so far that they would need flight or rail when it comes to college travel.

Most bus services and commuter services offer student discount passes that can be purchased by the week or month and allow for students to travel at as much as half the regular price, making this a great option for getting around locally and for getting back home when needed during the uni years.