Scotland get their own food standards agency after shake-up

Food standards have recently changed in England and the regulatory changes also meant that Scotland are going to be getting their own agency for monitoring food standards. The government in the country has said that they are going to be establishing a secondary body which is going to maintain the responsibility for labelling and nutrition which has been abandoned by the UK government.

The change of monitoring of food standards in Scotland is going to mean that the new agency is responsible for monitoring food labelling, nutrition standards, food safety and also meat inspection in the country.

Michael Matheson, the public health minister in Scotland has said, “We think that the English government have reduced the capacity of the FSA too much and we want Scotland to still have the ability to deal with labelling and nutrition issues for the country’s food. We have developed a report which has recently been published and we believe that this is the best way for us to go forward.

“This new body we are going to establish is going to help us tackle the problem of people eating a poor diet in the country. We also hope that it will help solve some of the diseases that are caused by contaminated food. Scotland has a reputation for high quality and safe food internationally, and this is something that we want to maintain.”

The secretary for rural affairs is Richard Lockheed and here’s also said, “I think it is a good choice to move the meat inspection control away from the FSA in England, to a specific body in Scotland. We think that this will help maintain our reputation for excellent food, and also be a more cost-effective option for the country.”