Self-Adhesive Labels from

“What is the difference between a label and a sticker?” At Avery, this is a common question we are asked and the answer is “nothing”. We classify “stickers” and “labels” as one and the same, to specify all varieties of products that are self-adhesive.

In both home and business settings, labels are a beneficial tool for a multitude of purposes. They could be used for addresses, inventories or stock counts, in education, for arts and crafts and other means of organisation.

We can supply Avery stickers that you can print from your printer in the office or at home or we can print them for you and have them sent ready to use. Whatever your needs, we can provide sticker dispensers for protected label rolls or label pads as an alternative. Both are designed for quick and easy use.

Your address labels can be customised by us to present all kinds of information such as name, address, email address, telephone number and fax number. You could even use your labels on promotional brochures to incorporate opening times or dates. Whatever your requirements, Avery is available to deliver a large selection of different address stickers.

We supply a wide assortment of label shapes – circular, oval or square – giving you the scope for a range of functions. Avery stickers commonly come in solid white but you may wish to make use of our yellow, green, blue and red label colours for important security labels.

Avery and the Avery Product Codes e.g. “Avery L7160” are trademarks of the Avery Dennison Corporation. These products are not made or endorsed by the Avery Dennison Corporation. We use the Avery product codes e.g. “Avery L7160” as these codes refer to the size formats that are found in most common software packages. Please refer to printer manufacturer’s instructions prior to use.