Sell your old CDs and earn cash for Christmas

As shops everywhere are beginning the annual retail drive, it is becoming clear that Christmas is once again just round the corner. Unfortunately, with the current economy, Christmas promises to be a difficult time for many people this year. High unemployment, fewer job opportunities and rapidly increasing living costs have conspired to create an unenviable position for shoppers this winter. Help may be available, however, in the form of MusicMagpie.

MusicMagpie is an online service that enables its members to sell CDs, DVDs, games and other electronic items. Unlike online auction sites such as eBay, MusicMagpie does not require users to exchange goods and money between themselves. In fact, MusicMagpie pays for unwanted electronic items directly. To the consumer, this means a quick and convenient method of sale.

Avoiding the hazards and complications of auction sites, MusicMagpie is simple to use. All members need do is enter the barcode from each of the games, CDs and DVDs they wish to sell into the search box on the MusicMagpie website. Alternatively, users with smartphones can download the free MusicMagpie app, which scans the items barcodes and updates the website accordingly. Once the barcodes have been sent to the MusicMagpie server, an offer will be made for the goods.

Unless they happen to have access to a warehouse full of music CDs and film DVDs, MusicMagpie members should not expect to make millions from using the service. Members can, however, expect to generate a little extra cash ahead of winter, perhaps enough to purchase a few extra presents for Christmas. In times of economic difficulty, every penny counts.

The money a user can expect to be offered for a selling a CD or DVD depends very much on the item in question. A readily available, mid-selling CD will not attract the same valuation as a rare double-sided album produced by one of the leading artists in the industry. Price varies so much between items that the only way to know for certain how much money can be generated by selling CDs, DVDs and games through MusicMagpie is to enter the barcodes and await an offer. Some items might be valued at 30p, while others could be worth £3.00 or more.

When using MusicMagpie as a source of extra cash for Christmas, it is important to understand that quantity is everything. If a user has just three old Xbox 360 games to sell, he or she might be offered just £0.90 in total. If a user has three hundred good quality CDs to sell, however, they could generate much, much more – possibly enough to buy four or five brand new Xbox games.

As difficult as Christmas might be this year, MusicMagpie is there to help.