Sellers can also fall victim to internet fraud

There are plenty of internet scams to be found if you start browsing online, and if one is not careful then it is easy to actually fall victim to one of the numerous scams.  Some of the most popular types of scams are found on websites such as Craigslist and eBay but there are plenty more out there that involve ad websites that use emails scam those with legitimate reason to take the fraudulent emails seriously.

For instance, a Manchester resident received two emails about an item that was listed on Craigslist for 1200 pounds.  A scammer stumbled onto the ad and said that they wanted the item and would post a check right away.  Once the check arrived it was written well over the price of the item and a second email from the scammer stated it should be used to pay the ‘shipper’ he was going to send to pick up the item.

The scammer continued to explain that the seller should take the 1200 pounds out of the check balance and then use the rest of the money to pay the ‘shipper’ via a money transfer company adding that the victim could keep 100 pounds for the trouble.  Throughout the email poor grammar, poor English, and a sense of urgency all clearly shine through as warning signs that a scam was underway.

As you may imagine, had the check been deposited it would have bounced and the ‘shipper’ that was paid would become untraceable as the funds would well be on their way into the scammer’s pockets without spending a penny.