Specialist solicitors – why you won’t find them advertising on TV

Small claims, big business

British television audiences are getting used to adverts that ask if they have been involved in an accident on the road or at work that was not their fault.  These adverts are aimed at the average person who has been in an accident that they can represent for free on the terms that if compensation is won the victim will split the reward.

For those that find themselves in that position filing an accident claim is now very easy and there are more solicitors than ever willing to take a claim on a commission only basis.  However, it is not often that you will see a serious solicitor on television because they do not often use this type of advertisement medium, but it makes you wonder with so much advertising space available why they don’t.
Most of the solicitors advertising their services on TV deal with small accident claims cases for accidents such as trips, slips and falls or whiplash accidents. With over 400,000 people claiming for whiplash in the UK every year, this small claims arena is big business for the average high street firm. But when it comes to more serious accidents, specialist solicitors prefer to rely on reputation rather than advertising in order to find people looking for brain injury compensation.

“Dealing with serious accident claims is far more complex than the average whiplash claim,” explains Matt Dixon of serious claims specialists Sherrington Law. “We’re not talking about accidents that just inconvenience people or cause them pain for a few weeks. We’re talking about accidents that devastate lives and have life-long effects, such as serious head and spinal injuries. So we have to look at a far broader picture and that means ensuring that every penny of our resources goes towards helping our clients, rather than spending money on advertising,” he adds.

A poor public image

There is also a problem with the image that TV solicitors have. “Thanks to extensive media coverage reporting a growing number of fraudulent whiplash claims in particular, some of these high street solicitors have a false ‘ambulance chaser’ image that detracts from the good work they’re actually doing,” comments Matt Dixon. “Everyone who has had any kind of accident that was not their fault is entitled to compensation, no matter how small. The trouble is that the public now has this negative stereotypical image of no win, no fee solicitors, and it’s an image that serious injury solicitors don’t want to be associated with,” he adds.

Dedicating more time

Serious accident solicitors also take on fewer cases than the average high street claims solicitor does. Because of the complex nature of serious accident claims, specialist solicitors need to dedicate far more time to each individual case, often involving considerable research and working closely with primary and secondary care providers and expert witnesses. “To be honest, we really don’t need to advertise for more clients,” says Matt Dixon of Sherrington Law. “Because we work so closely with primary care providers such as hospitals and surgeons, they already know of our existence and most of the clients we work with have been recommended to us who are looking to make a brain injury claim for example. These people are most often than not directly referred to us by the primary care providers. This gives us a degree of authority and shows to clients that we can be trusted to work on their behalf. To us, one personal recommendation is worth a thousand prime time adverts on TV,” he concludes.

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