Staff are the worst purveyors of customer data theft in the workplace

Recent studies have shown that one of the main considerations for workplaces in regard to data theft is the staff stealing customer data from the company. This is something that seems to have increased massively in recent years with various staff member stealing important customer information such as login details including passwords. This information is then being sold to cyber criminals in order to make the staff member to make some quick money.

It is important to realise that this is certainly a crime and it is called insider fraud. It has been recorded that in the first six months of the year the number of staff members doing this has increased by 50 percent when compared with the same figures for 2011. The fraud prevention service has said that this is something that companies need to work hard to tackle.

Recent figures have also shown that nearly 90 percent of card fraud now occurs online, but fortunately this is a decrease on the same figures for last year. Increasing employment problems have meant that staff have resorted to stealing information in order to make money because they are afraid that they will lose their job.

The staff fraud adviser for CIFAS has stated, “Companies are operating in a very challenging economic environment and this is worsened by the fact that many technologies are developing and companies still haven’t quite got a handle on them. It is very important the companies keep a close eye on their employees and look for any staff who might be stealing information.”