Sticky Address Labels – A Myriad of Uses!

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Of all the short runs of stickers and labels we produce, address labels are one of the most popular types for individuals. They are used as address labels on letterheads, the back of envelopes (to show the return address), on Christmas cards (as stickers to show a new address or change of email address).

Customers also use Avery Labels for their wide range of standard label sizes. The labels we supply on sheets are often referred to as Avery Labels, but are not made or endorsed by Avery. They are ideal for use in laser printers, inkjet printers or even photocopiers. People also use these labels as address labels as they can print their own address or a range of recipients’ addresses on them.

Our stickers can be used for all types of commercial and personal use. In fact, schools and hospitals also use them as stickers for encouragement, stickers for warnings or even stickers to show patient information.

I can guarantee that you will have a use for our address labels and stickers – if you have ever written out your address on a form, a label could be used. If you have ever sold a product, our stickers would make them look professional. Avery labels can be used for variable information if you need to print them yourself to show best before dates etc. Although Avery offers a wide range of labels and stickers, we also offer oval, circular, square and rectangular labels and stickers in some very unusual sizes so we can offer you a sticker to suit your needs.