Stolen Next clothes end up on eBay

A young man who stole 300 items from the Braintree Freeport branch of Next, the retailer and online clothing and home ware store, has been sentenced to seven months in jail.

The prosecuting lawyer, Andrew Jackson, said that 23-year-old Jack Hutchinson had been stealing clothes for twelve months, from October 2008 to October 2009.  Jackson said that Hutchinson had been working for the company for four years, and the thefts started about two months after he was hired as manager at the branch store.

Mr. Jackson also said that the accused had a camera-tracker, to detect and avoid hidden security cameras.  Hutchinson, after initially denying his guilt, eventually admitted to the theft; apparently he had sold the items on eBay and then changed his account details.  He had sold about £4700 worth of clothing and had another £2200 worth in hiding.

Hutchinson said he stole the items as “revenge” for mistreatment by the company.  No details were provided about what sort of mistreatment may have occurred.