Stop Food Waste Now

How many of you reading this now can honestly say, hand on heart, that you never waste food?  Those of you who have said yes are either saints or have simply not bothered to include the out of date stuff they threw away out of the fridge, or the meal remnants that went into the bin or the waste disposal unit. The fact is that we as a nation are wasting more food than ever before, and all at a time when a global food shortage is heading our way.

Within the EU alone there is 90m tonnes of food thrown away every year and a great new campaign called Stop Food Waste has been launched by Europa, part of the European Commission. A promotional video has been released to highlight the amount of food that is being thrown away and some of the images are certainly thought provoking, and the odds are we will recognise ourselves in one of the short clips that make up the montage.

For instance, there is a man sitting with his son who won’t eat crusts. In front of him is a crustless sandwich, and very nice it looks too, but to the side of his is a mountain of bread with the middle cut out of every slice, to demonstrate how much bread is being wasted simply because junior won’t eat his crusts.

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A handy link at the end of the video takes you directly to the Europa site and you can see for yourselves the amount of food that is going to waste each year. There is also a load of handy hints and tips to help all of us waste less food. The choice is up to you; carry on wasting stacks of food a year or do something about it and stop food waste for good.