Strong passwords urged after LinkedIn leak

Following reports that almost six and a half million passwords from social networking site LinkedIn members could have been leaked, Experian is telling consumers how important it is to use strong passwords protection.

Figures from Experian show that 54% (more than one in two) of people use an identical password for two or over online accounts and 22% use the same one for most or all their accounts. This type of password leak could open up online profiles to those wanting to commit fraud and collect valuable personal information.

Experian Consumer Services, UK & I Managing Director, Peter Turner says that secure password protection is a priority for all things, not just financial accounts. Fraudsters can use personal information like addresses, dates of birth and maiden names (the types of details you might have on a personal profile) to steal an identity.

Customers of Credit Expert can receive protection for their financial and personal information via a new web monitoring service. This service monitors their information constantly across social networks and the web, sending alerts by text and email if their information is found and giving advice on how to protect themselves next. Also monitored are credit reports and alerts are sent out when potentially fraudulent activity has taken place. Should this occur a caseworker from the award-winning Victims of Fraud team will be appointed to help resolve any issues that may arise.

Experian suggest that you immediately change your password if you think it has been leaked. When thinking up your password you should avoid memorable words or anything based on personal information which may be on your profile.