Summer Nectar points promotion from Sainsburys

We are only halfway through the schools summer break, and many parents are now struggling to come up with ideas for days out, or finding it difficult to find the funds after an expensive few weeks. You can only expect kids to amuse themselves for so long before you have to step in and plan some days out. This is to stop both the inevitable bickering and fighting between the children, and for your own peace of mind.

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We are spoilt for choice in the UK when it comes to days out, and Sainsburys have brought the best of them together for their latest promotion. That’s not the best bit either, you can get vouchers to these attractions by using your Nectar points, and if that wasn’t enough, the vouchers you get are worth double the amount of points you have, making for a fantastic time for minimal cost.

The advert they have produced to highlight this promotion are an adorable set of twin boys, one of several sites which Sainsburys are using to promote the vast choices available to you. These little boys try their best to tell us about the double value exchange but are clearly having too much fun just being little boys. The message is clear though; there is fun to be had through this promotion whatever your age.

To find out more about the double value exchange head to Here you will full details of the attractions available to you, from theme parks to swimming to restaurants, and also how to exchange your points for vouchers at participating stores. This amazing offer will make parents breathe a sigh of relief and the rest of the summer holidays can now be looked forward to, rather than viewed with a feeling of dread.