Swindon post office cashier steals from pensioners

The trial has opened regarding the cashier who allegedly fleeced the pensioners who she served at Gorse Hill Post Office. 29 year old Rajwinder Samra, from Colborne Street in Swindon, is accused of taking hundreds of pounds from eight customer’s bank accounts by persuading them to enter their PIN numbers a second time. Samra, who denies all 26 charges of fraud, appeared at Swindon Crown Court to hear the charges read out.

The prosecutor, Colin Meeke, said in his opening speech that when the pensioners had attempted to withdraw cash at the Cricklade Road branch were wrongly told by the accused that their PIN numbers had failed to register, and asked to re-enter it. She then pocketed the second withdrawal.

Joyce Fenwick, a great grandmother, is one of the accused victims, and it is claimed that Samra conned her on five separate occasions. Mr. Meeke then showed documents to the jury that he said showed there has been several double transactions taken from the bank account of Mrs. Fenwick, and that there were only seconds between some of them.

He said that pensioner had gone into the post office and asked if she could withdraw £100. Samra had then said certainly, pop your card in, now your PIN. Samra had then claimed that the PIN hadn’t registered and could she take the card back out and repeat the process. She then gave the pensioner the amount she had asked to withdraw, and when nobody was looking pocketed the second withdrawal.