Take That warn against bogus ticket sellers

Take That is reuniting for their 2011 stadium tour and tickets are selling wildly.  Robbie Williams has, however warned fans to be careful about where their tickets were purchased.  In the wake of the rush for tickets, legitimate sites went down and scammers jumped in within an hour to post fake sites.

Over half a dozen websites easily have been posted to trick fans into buying fake tickets.  That number is expected to quickly double, with origins of fraudulent websites coming out of places like India.

Experts say that as much as £15 million could be raked in from fake websites offering ticket sales for cash and disappearing or requesting personal information for identity theft.

Fake ticket sales are increasing in the UK.  Experts say the rise is due to the fact that you can build a genuine looking site for a very little bit of money.  No matter what the event, UK fans are being asked to carefully check on the reputation of the website before attempting to purchase tickets.

Another reason these sites do so well is that in cases like the Take That tour, fans are rushing to sites to get tickets before they sell out.  In their hurry to beat the next guy, they are not taking their time to check the legitimacy of the site and many are falling prey to scammers.

In fact, it is estimated that in the UK, more than 500,000 people have been tricked in some sort of ticket fraud over the last year.