TEDxAmsterdam event Human Nature

If you ask anyone what they are thinking about these days most likely they are going to start talking either about economic problems or technological gadgets that they want to get their hands on.  In fact, one of the last topics you can expect to discuss with anyone is the state of the human experience, which is why TEDxAmsterdam has chosen the theme ‘human nature’ for their upcoming 2011 TEDxAmsterdam event in which they attempt to take a close look at just what it means to be human anymore in a world where human qualities are now downplayed and forgotten.

The conference is scheduled to take place on November 25th and will be broadcast across Amsterdam to thousands of viewers and feature events, speakers, and of course enough audience participation to really make it worth viewing.

Also unique this year is the Ideas United Project created by WE ARE PI and some of the most creative people in the Netherlands that aims to show that there are plenty of ideas worth doing and spreading throughout the world to viewers.  Focused on using the brain for good, the top creative talent in the nation has come together to create a two hour documentary that literally displays what the human brain is really capable of.

To better demonstrate this point, the team of thinkers and doers has created an actual ‘living brain’ with the help of 48 dancers from the Nova Dance College and the Dutch National Ballet that can now be seen online in a short video clip as a preview to the event.  The fruit of their hard work is a large brain made out of actual living people exemplifying what can be done if you put your mind and effort into creating something unique out of thin air.