Tenancy fraud on the increase

Across the world, only 12 people have been evicted due to tenancy fraud. However, if you are going to ask the opinions of politicians they will tell you that they think this figure should be a lot higher as there are thousands of residents living in social housing they are not entitled to. The main type of tenancy fraud is the unauthorised subletting of properties, or part of the property, to individuals who are not supposedly allowed to live there.

What other people do is they submit false information during their housing application. They do this so that they can gain a tenancy. Usually, these properties are no longer occupied by the original tenant. Hence, they find it as a perfect opportunity for them to grab the property. Because of this malicious practice, there is much pressure on public purses and there could be people desperately needing a home who have more right to this house than those living in it.

According to the Audit Commission, about three percent of the council and housing associations properties have been let illegally outside London. In Scotland, there are more than 6,000, but to their dismay, out of 32 local authorities only six of them have taken serious action. Alex Johnstone, MSP, the spokesman for Tory housing said that the government of Scotland should pay particular attention to “chancers”.

Furthermore, he said that we have to improve our strategies in dealing with those people who fraudulently live in social housing. The need for available housing is greater than ever before. Therefore, we have to get rid of people who don’t have any right to live in this type of housing. Social housing stock is designed to give assistance to those who need it the most, and many are having to do without due to tenancy fraud.