The Benefits of Green Tea

Many people have heard of the benefits of green tea as they are often talked about and it is a drink that is embraced by many people. However, even people who understand the benefits of green tea, don’t often understand how beneficial it is for their entire system.

Green tea contains something called antioxidants, which are very useful at helping our body rid itself of free radicals. Drinking green tea regularly, throughout the day, is very beneficial to health as it keeps your body full of antioxidants, which will ensure you have good health.

The tea does taste a little bitter, and this is mostly because of the natural chemicals in it that are beneficial for your body. This is a bitter taste that some people don’t like initially, but they will drink t the tea at the start because they know how good it is for them. However, after a short time, they begin to get accustomed to the taste and eventually find it very enjoyable.

We can just look to the culture that drinks the most green tea to understand health benefits. The Japanese have the longest lifespans of any people in the world, and they also consume the largest amount of green tea. Of course, their longevity is not just down to their green tea drinking, but also because of their diet which is high in seafood and other beneficial herbs.

Japan is not the only Asian country which has been drinking green tea for a long time, and in many cultures it is popular not just for its taste, but for its medicinal benefits. In the last decade or so, green tea is something that has spread to the Western world rapidly as people are keen to embrace its health benefits.

That said, most people still consume more regular tea or coffee over green tea. If you consider just replacing one of your cups of coffee a day, with a cup of green tea, your health benefits are going to be enormous.

If you stop drinking coffee altogether and just drink green tea, you will notice a difference in your health and energy levels in no time at all. If you want to get the most out of green tea, you could even consider just drinking decaffeinated tea, this takes caffeine out of the equation, which can be unpleasant when consumed in large amounts.

The health benefits of green tea would be too long to list in this article, but some of the most important benefits include the ability to prevent cancer, controlled diabetes, and even help prevent heart disease. Of course, one of the most talked about benefits of green tea, is the ability for it to help you lose weight. Many fitness fanatics embrace drinking enormous amounts of green tea because it can help the body burn fat.

Green tea is a beverage that is popular for many reasons. Usually people get started on it for health reasons, but grow to love this delicious beverage. Once you start drinking green tea, you are sure never to go back to the regular stuff.

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